The Last Time

I knew it.. I knew in my heart he was never ever going to choose me….

This were the last moments…

He drove us to my house. He cooked dinner and I gladly assisted with the preparations. Picture-taking and bonding at the living room. Then it was time to say goodbye. I was at the gate. He was ready to go. As he was climbing into the driver’s seat.. The last words were, “Thanks Anairam… for everything”. As they were about to go, I retreated myself to the back of our gate, sad and teary-eyed but I didn’t close the gate just yet. I heard the engine started, for about 3 minutes I stood there waiting for the sound of the van leaving. I never peeked out again. As sure as I was that the van was gone, I looked out again and then closed the gate. And in my heart I said goodbye.


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