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I was in Fully Booked yesterday, passing time while waiting for a friend. I was looking at a stack of “Twilight” books with the movie cover (instead of the original “hand holding a red apple” cover) when a person joined me in my left side. Thinking that that person might just be gazing at the “Twilight” stack as well, I continued exploring the cover. About 30 seconds later, with the aid of my peripheral vision, I realized that the person was just standing there, facing me and not the stack. Then he called out my name and voila.. It was him.

Of all people. Haha.

Destiny? Nah.

He looked neat that day, newly shaved face, him wearing his usual pair of glasses, plain white shirt, khaki shorts and a pair of sneakers.

About 5 minutes after, he left.

And 2 minutes after that, I realized that I missed him…


The Last Time

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I knew it.. I knew in my heart he was never ever going to choose me….

This were the last moments…

He drove us to my house. He cooked dinner and I gladly assisted with the preparations. Picture-taking and bonding at the living room. Then it was time to say goodbye. I was at the gate. He was ready to go. As he was climbing into the driver’s seat.. The last words were, “Thanks Anairam… for everything”. As they were about to go, I retreated myself to the back of our gate, sad and teary-eyed but I didn’t close the gate just yet. I heard the engine started, for about 3 minutes I stood there waiting for the sound of the van leaving. I never peeked out again. As sure as I was that the van was gone, I looked out again and then closed the gate. And in my heart I said goodbye.

It’s Fun to be an Aquarian Woman

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But Alice had got so much into the -way

of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen

that it seemed quite dull and stupid

for life to go on in the common way

Put cats in the coffee, and mice in the tea- And welcome Queen Alice with thirty times three!

The safest way to enter into romance with an Aquarian female is to remember she’s as paradoxical in love as she is in everything else. That way, you won’t be expecting Priscilla Alden and get Pocahontas.

This girl has all the faithfulness of the fixed signs when she’s in love, but she also has the detachment and lack of emotion of the air element. It’s possible to have a happy relationship with the Uranus woman if you leave her free to pursue her myriad interests and circulate among her friends. Continue reading

It’s Not Meant to Be…

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and I quote:

🙂 nakabalik na pala si ….. sa s… di talaga kayo meant to be.

Me > naisip ko rin yan haha.

and according to the stars:

Dear Anairam,
Here is your single’s love horoscope
for Monday, October 20:

Stop thinking so much about what could have been something amazing with someone who’s no longer interested in a romantic encounter. Even though the outcome is disappointing, you shouldn’t dwell on a future that will never be. Move on.

Me > Sakto! Haha

and last but not the least, a recent online conversation with a friend:

🙂 hay alam mo nung nabasa ko ung blog mo…hindi ko alam kung gusto ko na sana magstay sya sa n…baka nga kasi mag-fall kau sabay…

🙂 basta maraming isda sa karagatan…wag nang balikan ang mga minahal sa nakaraan…hehe

Me > Wow. clap clap. and pakshet, you’re still reading my blog pala. sana dito ka na lang magcomment. Peace *******. I love you friend. haha.

When Destiny Plays…

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It was approximately 2 years ago when I finally got over a 4-year long unrequited infatuation over someone (a good friend from class). It was when he finally had a girlfriend and I have learned to let go, wished him well, wished both of them happiness (genuinely) and decided that it’s time for me to shift priority to myself and find another source of happiness.

…. I have this perfect picture in mind. A dream that I put into writing in one of my journals for the past years. A beach side moment. Dusk/ sunset, walking by the beach barefoot, holding hands with my special someone. Then by night time, dinner by the beach, with torches lighting us. Guided by the moonlight, we’ll be walking along the shore. Tired of walking, we’ll be sitting in the powder white sand, gazing up into the night sky, hunting for shooting stars, wishing the night would never end …

What if that perfect scenario happens?

And it is with the very same person you promised yourself 2 years ago you’d let go and never bother to waste even a single second to think of again… (and when I say “think of”… alam na natin kung sa paanong paraan)

I just don’t get the point…

I mean, why now?… after 6 long years…

And then what? … after a month (which by this time that I reported about this matter, another 2 months has passed)…



Why does destiny have to play with your feelings like that… err…

I Dreamed of Jupiter

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The setting was like this. I’m with some friends who are out in the night, probably hanging out or something. Then when I looked at the night sky and saw clearly the planet Jupiter shining brightly, and was about to hide behind the moon, like some eclipse or something. The first thing I did was took a picture of it, which I successfully did. Then when I looked up again, I saw Jupiter, this time in white, more like a full moon, but knowing that it was Jupiter, just the moon covering more of it this time.



Adjna centre (6th chakra), third eye, clairvoyance
May imply the largest of something
Being king and ruler
The number five



To see Jupiter in your dream, symbolizes success, optimism. generosity, and extravagance.


A full moon suggests being at the peak of a cycle

A full moon signifies completion


Moon Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: From time immemorial the moon has been regarded as the source of fertility as it governs the tides, rainfall, birth and menstruation. Within dreams, it can therefore symbolise the possibility of personal growth. The moon usually represents the feminine aspect of the self and anything hidden or mysterious. Its associated with water also identifies it with the imagination. A full moon may indicate completion whereas a new moon symbolises new beginnings. An eclipse of the moon may show that your feminine side is being overshadowed by something. A Freudian interpretation of this would say that an eclipse represents getting rid of the attachment to your mother that is detrimental to your personal growth. If the moon eclipses the sun, this may show that unconscious forces may be overpowering the conscious ego.

Mystical Meaning: Palmistry tells us that the lunar region of the hand (opposite the thumb) is the area where you will find the lines of travel. To dream of the moon may therefore indicate a journey ahead. This is likely to be across water.