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Clumsy ‘coz I’m Fallin’ in Love

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1. Your mom calls you?

🙂 Ba (short for Bachi), Chelle, Ate, Michelle (pag galit. harhar)

2. What is your favorite shake in Zagu?
🙂 Strawberry it is!

3. What movie/s are you waiting for?
🙂 Sex and the City probably

4. If you wanted to be in a band, what position do you want to be in?
🙂 Vocalist. no questions asked.

5. What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever touched?
🙂 Cadaver maybe (pero with gloves naman)

6. Do you want to live with your gf/bf forever?
🙂 I would. If i have one…

7. Where is the place you want to be right now?
🙂 Galera, Bora, Palawan. Beach! White sand! Gimme some…

8. What song do you listen to feel happy?
🙂 Lately, Clumsy by Fergie

9. In star wars, who are you?
🙂 Queen/Padme Amidala (Why? Someone from my past used it as codename for me so I wouldn’t know who is he referring to when he writes a poem dedicated to me on our section diary.. aww..)

11. What movie/s makes you cry?
🙂 Made my cry in the past? Titanic and The Notebook

12. Name famous people you had a crush on?
🙂 Many to mention. Haha. Slumbook. Hmm. I used to have a crush on the following local stars (not in any particular order): Patrick Garcia, Paolo Contis, Carlo Aquino, Christian Vasquez. Lately, on Christian Baustista and John Lloyd Cruz. 🙂 On Hollywood: Ryan Philippe, Leonardo di Caprio, Matt Damon.

13. What is your favorite drink?
🙂 Wendy’s Iced Tea, Max’s Iced Tea Shake, Sangkalan and Oriental’s Buko Shake, Tropicana, Dutch Mill. haha

14. Who is/are the cartoon characters that you like?
🙂 Garfield. Sailor Mercury. I also enjoy the humor and wit of Bugs Bunny.

15. Coke or Pepsi?
🙂 Coke

16. In a week, how many times do you go online?
🙂 6-7

18. Describe yourself in one word.
🙂 Adorable (haha)

19. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
🙂 check for the time? <– yeah, i think that’s it as well for me

20. What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
🙂 lie down, close my eyes. before i knew it alarm starts ringing. morning already

21. Something about you that you’re proud of?
🙂 tons of baby fat

22. Are you in-love?
🙂 “You got me trippin, stumbling, flippin, fumblin’
Clumsy cuz I’m fallin in love” –> Clumsy by Fergie

23. What’s your mobile number?!
🙂 I can’t tell that online…

24. Are you happy?
🙂 I always am.

25. Why?
🙂 Because it gets better everyday.. ^_^

26. Is there something you wanna do?
🙂 Right now, play in the rain, walk on the shore barefoot (with someone) during sunset, lay in the sand and watch the stars up above…

27. What are you listening to right now?
🙂 Clumsy (mentioned for the 3rd time)

28. Complete this sentence: THE WORLD NEEDS..
🙂 Love (“What the world, needs now.. Is Love, Sweet Love”)

29. What was the last thing you ate?
🙂 Corned beef

30. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
🙂 I wanna be purple/ violet

31. What did you eat for breakfast?
🙂 Empanadas from Red Ribbon (fresh from the microwave, yumyum)

32. What r ya wearin?
🙂 White sando and Red cycling shorts

33. Favorite day/s of the week?
🙂 Friday

34. How many text messages are in your inbox?
🙂 *checks phone* 45

35. What does the sixth message in your inbox say and from whom?
🙂 *checks phone* I miss you quote from ‘ma cuz

36. When was the last time you cry?
🙂 can’t remember the last time na nag-emote ako. haha

37. Something that happened today or yesterday that made you smile?
🙂 clumsy coz i’m fallin’ in love… haha

38. What was your dream this morning?
🙂 Oooh, dreamless sleep last night

39. What songs do you want to hear everyday?
🙂 Too many to mention. Seriously.

40. Do you worry about how you look?
🙂 Most of the time. Except when i’m on duty with a lot of patients that I don’t bother too look in the mirror anymore.

— DONE! —



Posted in dreams, interests, life, thoughts on May 10, 2008 by anairam

Yet another pregnancy/baby dream. I already have a previous post regarding this but that one focuses on babies on which I dreamt I have one, and some of my friends dreamt in their dreams that I was pregnant. This time (which was a few minutes ago before I woke up), I dreamt that I was pregnant, probably on my first trimester, was in the rehab clinic I work in, and finding out that I was, I went looking for the ultrasound room. Haha. I also remembered going to the restroom taking a pee, with a friend, on which I don’t know but I think we were observing what my pee would look like (?!) and we were kinda looking at some blood samples (I don’t recall if this came from my pee but it doesn’t seem that I had a miscarriage). And I also went to the man responsible for this (haha), this time I know who the father is, and take note, in my dream, while I was telling him that I am pregnant, a slight flashback of the actual *bed scene* was shown (but it wasn’t offending/all out in any way, just an intimate moment and not in detail. Hai. Then I remembered saying myself, “May nangyari nga ba sa tin?” then goes the flashback then he said “Patay”. And smiled. Haha. It was more like a comedic fun ambiance when this was happening apart from a serious environment you’d expect. Then walking towards the ultrasound room, I remembered feeling a baby’s heartbeat on myself. –End of the story–

Interpretations I found:


> To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it.  This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

> For a woman, this dream forecasts a happy increase in material wealth

> If the dreamer is a woman and you dream you are pregnant then you will see a big increase in your income, but if you are unwed and sad you will experience losses. (Hala! I’m unwed, but I am happy!)

> Old dream interpretation books say that a dream about pregnancy is a good omen for women, and an improvement in her intimate relationship is forthcoming.


> To dream that you are urinating, symbolizes a cleansing and release of negative or repressed emotions. Urination is symbolic of having or lacking basic control in your life.

> Releasing bodily wastes in a dream suggests a need to release repressed emotions and/or anxiety. At times urination may have sexual connotations. Many people dream about the need to urinate which wakes them up and then they realize that they need to use the bathroom. At times the dream triggers the physical sensation and other times the physical sensation may become a part of the dream.


> It is the life-giving, vital part of our physiology and it may symbolize our strengths and weaknesses and our physical and mental health. If you are currently experiencing a very difficult time in your life, you may have dreams with bloody and frightening images. Don’t worry, you may be venting your fears! Some believe that when you see blood in your dream, the distressing situation in your life which is at the root of the dream has come to an end, and the worst is over. Consider the details and the relationships between of all the symbols in your dream before making an interpretation.


> To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to “relieve yourself”.  Alternatively, it may symbolize purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically.

On the Side of Me

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Finally! I found it!

Super loving this song…

Things I Want to Do in My Life Right Now

Posted in Uncategorized on May 4, 2008 by anairam

Ever since I started working full time in the hospital last April, I started regretting that prior to working, that I’ve spent most of my free time sleeping and lurking at home when I can spend it somewhere else and on something productive for me. And now with little time on my hands, I am currently scanning my mind on some ideas of activities that I missed doing/ wanted to do/ dying to do and wish to do sometime.

1. Go on a week long trip with my friends somewhere where there is beach, sand, fresh air, bone fire and lots of bonding.

2. Spend a day/night singing in a videoke/magic sing, making ‘birit’, getting high and be merry.

3. Tag around on my dad’s trips to Bicol, Tagaytay and Laguna (free ride, free food, free accomodation, free everything!)

4. Spending the last days of Summer with few chosen friends to chat, laugh, cry and enjoy with.

5. Read on PT materials in preparation for State board exams (which I’m planning to get done within the year)

6. Actually enrolling on a formal review session for state boards

7. Getting some important documents done for like: passport, driver’s license

8. Getting a room makeover

9. Gathering my highschool ‘kada and go on a trip somewhere outside our hometown Rizal

10. Be physically active and fit by engaging on my sports such as badminton, table tennis and swimming

11. Full physical make-over: have a trendy haircut, get a body massage and scrub, have a facial and diamond peel, have a hand/foot spa, get a manicure and pedicure, get in shape for a swim suit fit body.

12. Go soul-searching/meditating on a secluded, serene and peaceful environment alone, away from the busy life in the city, without the worries of being late for work or not being home on time etc. A quiet day alone.

13. Travel outside Luzon

14. Travel outside the country

15. Keeping an active social life. I’ll have to find one first. haha

— to be continued —

Action Dreams

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It has been for the past weeks now that I have been dreaming of action-packed scenarios. Some of which involves me being chased by someone, being stabbed by some person, hiding from something/someone (because if they find out where I am, there is no doubt that they are going to kill me –> it’s what the dream is suggesting and what I’m feeling in dream state), and just last night, me being a part of a crime-fighting group (think Power Rangers *_^) which is being hunt down by our evil nemeses (yes, I think there’s 4 of them) and of the group of 5 (I think), there’s just only 2 of us left, hiding as hard as we can and figuring out how to save ourselves from impending doom. Haha. The nice catch last night was that I got to see myself having to fight back this time (or save myself) quipped with an ability to generate force field and shield myself and my friend from harm. How cool is that?! Haha. And one more thing, the friend whose with me turned out to be a love interest, with a dramatic scene (as I recall it) of me almost losing hope of surviving (the impending doom) and him having to comfort me reassuring everything we’ll be fine. Haha. But that’s as far as it went and the story was quite “bitin”. I hope to see the Part2 of it, and I’ll let you know if we’ll survive the impending crisis that is to befall on us. Haha.



To dream that you are hiding, suggests that you are keeping some secret or withholding some information. You may not be facing up to a situation or not want to deal with an issue. However, you may be getting ready to reveal and confess before somebody finds out.



To dream that you have been stabbed, signifies your struggle with power. You may be experiencing feelings of inadequacy and defensiveness. Alternatively, you may be feeling betrayed as the popular phrase goes, “being stabbed in the back”.



To see a shield in your dream, symbolizes emotional and spiritual protection, as well as physical protection. You may be feeling vulnerable and are in need of comfort.



To dream that you or others are in distress, suggest that things will turn out better than you expected. You will find that all your worries were for nothing and need to lighten up.