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Today’s Lessons

Posted in interests, life, thoughts on November 23, 2007 by anairam

It’s a reality: When it rains, it pours.

And so when opportunity knocks, grab everything you can, while you can.

You’ll never know when it comes raining down on you again.


The best things come in small packages.

So when a package comes big, wait some more for something better is still coming.


Happiness and sorrow comes hand in hand. Much happiness entails sorrow and disappointment. And being in the down for long will bring salvation and happiness eventually.



Confessions of “the Other Woman”

Posted in love, me time, relationships, thoughts on November 22, 2007 by anairam

The term “the other woman“, aside from its literal meaning, is usually coined in relationships as the third party, the mistress, the husband/boyfriend stealer, the relationship wrecker, etc… In other words, it’s a bad deal being referred to as one.

Sometimes though, I do feel like being the other woman. That maybe if I have a strong personality and a guy worth pursuing, I may be up to the adventure. Haha. But unfortunately not. I’m the dreamer/ hoper type, that one day the one meant for you will come across your way… What’s with bringing up this topic? As I’ve said, sometimes I feel like being the other woman. But not the active type, maybe the passive/ discreet type. Hehe. Yeah? In college, of the 7 guys in class, I was “linked” to 5 of them at least. I just remembered some sweet instances before that connects me with guys who are in a relationship. During those times I just thought to myself, “Why do they have to be taken?” or “If they were single, is it possible for ‘us’ to happen?” Hmmm…

Instance 1: I’ll name him El. He was a classmate and is my first ever crush in college. He was single till 2nd year when he met this girl. They are inseparable and going strong since then. But since he and his girlfriend were not of the same course, they are not always together. And me and El are close friends. And he really is sweet. Even to our other girl friends. But we usually are more often times teased together with me being tagged as “the other woman” nga. He had even kissed me several times in the head and in the cheeks. Held hands for like 2 minutes? Haha. Ahh… How sweet. He even confessed to me I was also his crush sometime, I don’t know if that was true. Some friends also noticed some “special attention” he was giving to me during review days. Anyways. I missed those days. Haha.

Instance 2: I’ll call him Dee. Also a classmate. We were also teased to each other before, way before he had his girlfriend. We were close but unlike El, we were not that sweet to each other. One time during my internship, he was also in the same clinic at school as I am, as that time he was assigned there for a practical exam. When he was about to leave (I remembered we were the only ones left in the room), he kissed me in the cheeks. But then me being “the other woman” was still not applicable at this time as he was still single but is already seeing someone. I just saw him earlier today went I visited our school and we had a nice big tight hug.

Instance 3: The high school love team. Let’s refer to him as Jayce. He was romantically linked to me in high school, he even tried courting me then (i think) but for some reason he disappeared. We never had gotten close since then as there was an awkward air if we were to be together. Years after high school, we got each other’s cellphone number through a friend and were constant text mates since then. There was this one time when he asked me advice regarding his troubled love life then. He even promised to take me to Boracay, only the 2 of us (all expense paid by him), the time he graduates and is earning money. I still have the text message from him saved in my cell phone. Up until now I was wondering if this promise would materialize in the future. Now that he currently is in a relationship. Hay.

Instance 4: Let’s refer to him as J-P. He is also a classmate and had gotten close to him during thesis days. We’ve bonded so much during our subject hunting as we are traversing the whole Metro, hospital hopping etc. We even bonded to the point of back fighting some one. Haha. I just missed the days when we were maniacally laughing our hearts out, out of exhaustion and thesis pressure. Like being positive despite the downfalls we are facing. Some amazing friendship was developed. We were even tagged as a love team and pseudo-bf/gf by classmates. Haha. But he is in a wonderful relationship and had even shared to me his plans of getting married someday to this girl. Up until now I wasn’t admitting to myself that I liked him somehow, I was just amazed of how great of a person he is. And that’s one very lucky girl to have him.

I just happened to think about these things sometime and was really asking “Why am I being placed in such situations as this?”. Sometimes, I was jokingly thinking, “Maybe I’m such a really charming person, and some “taken” guy magnet. It was annoying to think that if I could develop some sweet moments with “guys in a relationship”, why not with a single person na lang who is free of any commitment, such that any connection with us will be valid and will not be considered as a “third party”?. That if “guys in relationship” find me as something, hopefully, someday, or in the near future, some single guy will find me that as well and will be the start of a valid, happy relationship….

My Fictional Self

Posted in dreams, interests, me time, photos, reviews, television on November 20, 2007 by anairam

I’m into blogging again these days, scribbling-scribbling in my little notebook when I’ve got nothing else to do or in between my hectic schedule nowadays. For now I thought of posting some of my favorite fictional and TV series characters from then on till now. I remembered passing by some blog somewhere before on which the author counted down his favorite TV character leading ladies. I was inspired by it and thought why not put into one page some of my faves altogether. And here goes… (not in order of priority).

>>> Sailor Moon (anime) <<<
sailormercury Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno

–> I was about 8-10 years old when Sailor Moon was shown locally here in the Philippines. It was a hit during those times in our school. My friends even bought some CD’s (or was it VHS that time?) of it and have some collectable cards and items of them. I was contented then by the text cards I’ve collected and some paper dolls. My personal favorite was really Sailor Mercury though were quite different in the physical aspect. My hair was jet black and was long and flowy as that of Sailor Mars. Though I’ve associated myself with her personality wise– back in grade school I was the “intelligent” one, always on the top 10 if not the top 1, quite shy but is nice overall.


>>> Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action) <<<


Ami Mizuno/ Sailor Mercury/ played by Hama Chisaki

–> Quite surprisingly, there was a live version of Sailor Moon pala. Being a Sailor Mercury fan, instantly she was my favorite in the live version. And I liked how they chose the actors in the live version. Hama-chan was so great in playing my favorite character. And her co-actors even stated in one interview that she was a really good and effective actress.


>>> The Gransazers <<<


Ryoko Anemiya/ Sazer Velsou/ played by Maya Hoshino

I’ve learned about Gransazers from Toonami on Cartoon Network, and figured if CN aired the show, then it must be good. I was also seeing more of Gransazers when it was also aired in I think both Channel 2 and 7, early Sunday mornings i think (pero malamang di sabay pag-air sa both hetworks). Anyways, it’s basically a story of 12 people, who represents the 12 zodiac signs, destined to save the world (from cavities!). First and foremost Ryoko represents Aquarius, which is my sign. And also I think she is the prettiest of all the 4 girls in the series. And being Aquarius, she also represents everything about it, the character, the powers (Aquarius is an air sign) etc. There. Much reasons given.


>>> Encantadia <<<

amihan.jpg Amihan/ played by Iza Calzado

From foreign series to local. Encantadia, I think is still the best fantaserye for me (the original first series before Etheria and Encantadia-Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas). Why Amihan? Well, aside from liking color blue (which is her theme color), my favorite element is Air (which is her power). Also personality wise, of the 4 sisters, I mostly could associated myself with her being the genuinely nice one- that sometimes her niceness was taken advantage for. And as for the actors, I think Iza has really good, and she really was my favorite among the actresses. And also, I played Amihan’s character during our talent show in school last November 2005, with all the costumes hand made and customized to look like the original but with personal twists. Too bad we didn’t win but it was really fun playing the character. And guess what? Even the kids who were watching our play thought we were the real ones and asked to be taken pictures with them. How cool is that?!


>>> Mighty Morphin Power Rangers <<<


Yellow Ranger/ Trini/ played Thuy Trang

What can I say? Hmm.. This series was aired when I was in Grade 3. I remembered it specifically as me and my classmates decided to do some bit of a role playing in class. As seat mates, we assigned each other the ranger color we will be and voila! I was yellow. That time I have learned to love the character and even every other ranger series (like, Fiveman, Bioman, Maskman) which was aired that time, I have associated myself as the Yellow Ranger. Haha. We even tagged one of my girl classmates as the enemy Rita Repulsa. Hehe.


>>> X-Men <<<

Rogue, real name Marian, is a superhero in the Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe and a member of the Ultimate X-Men.”—

Okay, first of all, according to some site her name was Marian… well no need further explaining, she is me. haha. Aside from that, I really find Rogue’s character really cool, with the ability to fly (in the Marvel series) and able to absorb any power and use it. With proper training, she probably could be the most powerful of them all. ^_^


>>> Magic Knight Rayearth <<<


Umi Ryuuzaki/ Marina (Filipino name given when it was aired in the Philippines)

–> Isn’t is obvious what my favorite color is? Yep true blue. Even though Umi’s element is water, she still is my favorite one in Rayearth. Strong personality, probably something I’ll look forward to having…


>>> Wedding Peach <<<

yuri.jpg Angel Lily/ Yuri Tanima

This was aired in Channel 2 when I was in Grade 6 i think. Yes, my chosen characters tend to have long locks (except for Ami), with a touch of blue in them. I like her character because she is the most conservative, nicest and with a hot love interest in the series. ^_^


(stay tuned for the next post… Marsi and the Villains)… Ciao!

Marsi’s Answers

Posted in interests, life, thoughts on November 19, 2007 by anairam

And I thought “someone” locked her previous blog forever. Haha. Browsing there again, I was surprised to see a post addressed to me. Here are my answers…

1.) What’s worse: a one night stand or a bad relationship?
–> Hmmm. First question palang mahirap na. Well if you ask me, I’d say a bad relationship is worse than a one night stand. First of all, sa adjectives palang, talo na si bad relationship (di ba bad-worse-worst. gets?). Next point, I think a bad relationship has a tendency to break a person (depends on how bad it is), and a one night stand is usually resorted to by “some” persons to forget the pain caused by the bad relationship (kinda, to forget something even just for a night). I don’t know. I’m basically just thinking practically here. And also I think one-night stands will only be bad if it haunts you back (in the form of regret, the person-who-did-it-with-you literally haunts you, and if you’re that conservative that you will kill yourself if somebody finds out what you just did). And one more thing, if you compare of how these 2 things will leave a mark, the bad relationship will be bad memories, while the one night stand will probably be not that bad when you look back on it. Di ba? Hehe. Todo explain.

2.) Is it easier to forgive or forget?
–> Forgive. Kahit ma-pride ako, mas madali pa ring mag-forgive. Pwede ka naman kasing mag-forgive but the damage has been done and a mark has been made. That mark will make you remember everytime which makes it harder to forgive. (ang haba na naman nito) haha.

3.) Can men and women be just friends?
–> Yes naman. The reasons I see were brotherly-sisterly treatment talaga, hindi talo, no chemistry, or you click but in a very platonic way.

4.) Dating co-workers?
–> I don’t see any problems with it. Well that’s one way were everything could start. Even my parents were co-workers and they started dating each other then and were now a beautiful family ^_^.

5.) All expenses paid vacation to where?
–> Carribean Cruise. Or around the world nga!

6.) On the way to the electric chair – whats your last meal?
–> [“Honestly, I wouldn’t think I would be able it eat by then”- cathycat]. I don’t think I would have the appetite too. But any decent meal will do (I don’t think I will be able to enjoy even the most delicious food in the world knowing it’ll be my last).

7.) When you are in love do you notice other people?
–> Yes. I project and radiate happiness everywhere. ^_^. I would usually be in a good mood which makes me tend to make “kulit” of everyone.

8.) Is flirting cheating?
–> I don’t think so. Sometimes kasi it comes naturally, not knowing that it is probably leading someone on but you felt that you just acted normally without any intention to seduce someone. I think it will be cheating if when you do flirt, you have every intention to make a move to pursue someone.

9.) Would you rather have 1 great friend or 5 pals?
–> 1 great friend could fill up the space of 5 or even 10 pals can provide.

10.) If someone called you an asshole would you be offended?
–> Wouldn’t you be? Especially if it was said to a nice person like me.

11.) Are you okay with your significant other being friends with ther guys/girls?
–> Yes. It’s a test of faith. Hehe.

12.) Would you live with someone without marrying them?
–> Hopefully not. I don’t like the idea but I don’t want to eat my words by saying no today and finding myself in such situation later. But I definitely am pro-marriage. I want everything to be formal in front of everybody and in front of God.

13.) Friends with benefits?
–> I don’t know how to define this, but based on what I think of it. No!

14.) Do you believe in angels?
–> Yes. I was born on a Sunday and I believe my guardian angel was supposed to be St. Michael. And i think some people who died, especially your loved ones will eventually become your very own personal angel.

15.) Have you ever flirted with someone you had no interest in?
–> Well, yeah. Just to give it a try. But if wala talaga, I’ll just disappear after. Hehe.

16.) Ever kissed a random person and then walked away?
–> Random person. No way. I’m not that type.

17.) Is it ever ok to ask out your exs best friend? why?
–> If I were to do the asking. No. If the best friend of my ex will, probably.

18.) Are you a jealous person?
–> I am. But my horoscope contradicts that. Aquarians daw are most of the time not jealous daw. Maybe I’m good in hiding it lang.

19.) Has Chuck Norris ever come to our house?
–> Nonsense.

20.) Are you a beach, country or city person?
–> I think I am the city type. If I were to choose where to live in the 3, city is the place for me (i love civilization and modernization). But for quality time and relaxation, I love taking a hike into the country and feeling the beach breeze.

21.) Where do you spend most of your money?
–> Today? Coffee. I am collecting stickers to avail of a limited edition 2008 planner. ^_^

22.) Would you consider yourself adventurous?
–> I have an adventurous drive but I don’t think I can live up to it.

23.) Can you shoot pool?
–> I can if you give me 3 to 5 tries per ball. Haha

24.) Would you sing karaoke in front of co-workers/friends?
–> Do you want me to sing in front of you? I live to sing! ^_^

Blog and Coffee

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Location: @ Starbucks Gateway, Cubao

I just came from a repeat oral exam from some English company I applied in. Repeat, yes repeat. It’s because I have done the oral exam Friday last week, but for some reason, my interviewer made it hard for me, she told me I have to polish some things. Like my “th” (e.g. this, that, three, there, this, with, though etc…) and pronouncing “ae” words. I thought my “th” was just fine and so I was protesting inside of my mind when my interviewer told me to stop reading (the oral exam requires you to read 5 bond papers of paragraphs with slang words and tongue twisters), after finishing the first two bond papers, she asked me to just come back next Friday (which is today) and she’ll give me one week to polish everything. Waah. Being a person which such pride, I told myself I’m not going to set foot on that place again. Especially when my friend who was with me made it to the next level of the process, leaving me behind for a repeat performance.

But then, there I went, just moments ago, came back for a repeat performance. I was ready to be rejected for the second time. I was just back to avenge my “th” words and still if she doesn’t like it, I would go out with no heart feelings. It’s a matter of giving it another shot, if it doesn’t work, then maybe it is not really for me.

(singit: I got free little latte and little cranberry cookie ata to. wahaha)

Ayun, when I arrived there around quarter to 4pm, the lady who interviewed me before wasn’t there, but another lady (who might have been their boss) interviewed me in her place. The feeling? A little bit better, for I might be facing the “bigger boss” today but this one seemed nicer than the one who interviewed me before. Inookray ko talaga yung girl last time, bako-bako yung mukha niya, masyado akong pinupuna, to think, mukhang di naman siya marunong mag-english. hahaha. Bad! Anyways, today’s oral exam went a lot better than the last time, I felt more comfortable and was smiling when I literally twisted my tongue on the tongue twister part. As I’ve said, I was already to be rejected, but then the interviewer today told me my “th” improved and told me I can move on to the next process. Okay. Now I don’t know what this means for me. Di ko alam kung anong pinapasok ko, basta try lang ng try. I was merely trying things out, not actually knowing why I came to pursue this but since I’m here na, might as well go with the flow. What I know from this one basically was that I will be teaching English to Japanese clients online. Something that earns about 200 an hour (I think the shift is 6 hours a day), and requires you to report only thrice a week.

My current plans kasi would be to find a PT work that pays, and another extra non-PT related work that also pays. I feel a little bit of “calling” to earn money na for myself. Maybe a PT job in a clinic that requires you to report only when you have patients, so that I can do a lot of other things on my extra days, like this English thing per se. Another plan is to volunteer again (with no pay malamang), but with another extra paying racket. Kaso it’s hard to find a hospital that will allow you to report any day you like cause the duty calls it to serve the whole week there. Hay. Ewan. I guess I’ll just go with the flow wherever today takes me.

Now another idea came to me. Maybe that if I make it to the English thing, and if I can’t find a PT clinic for my extra days, I would spend it probably working on the requirements for the work abroad application and self-reviewing na lang for state boards. But here’s comes another dilemma. I was torn kasi between applying to California (which has the toughest exam daw), New York (most popular i think) or apply to UK instead (no exam daw kaso pahirapan sa pag-apply). Wahaha. Anyways, I would need an awful amount of budget whichever I chose. I know my parents are willing to invest on it naman but still my “calling” to earn my personal money is slowly rising and I know I need to do something about it na. Well, basta, I’ll go with the flow wherever life takes me, and so wish me luck!

(a text from a “bestfriend”: Just when everything is falling apart, look again. Maybe, just maybe, things are actually falling into their right places… ^_^)

The Tagaytay Experience (to sum it all up)

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To sum it all up, it was one unique, enjoyable, fun experience for me.

(1) It’s because it’s the first time I’m going out of town with friends (without a chaperone, as the first time I went out of town, I was with a maid).

(2) I’m with friend’s whom I have only known for a month. One is a classmate but we never really were that super friends in college so know is also a bonding moment with her. My experience with new friends was fun. They brought out the adventurous side of me. It’s fun that were all game for the experience. Nobody did backed-out (or nagreklamo man lang).

(3) I felt this is one of the things I was looking for before. The kind of quality time I needed off for myself.

(4) A bonding experience of newly found friends who might have shared the same trips as I do. At least it solidified a bit the friendship that was founded.

(5) It helped my interpersonal skills grew a bit as I’ve learned how to deal with new people in a friendly happy manner. And it’s the thought of “pakikisama”.

(6) I have a sure excuse not to go to meet my old barkada at Shangrila Mall, as I thought to myself I need to lose some weight first before showing my face to them. AHAHA.

(7) Even though with the shocking “Out” revelation, I still got to be with my Sir Crush and get to sit beside him in the restaurant. Sayang talaga sya. wahhhh.

(8) I get to enjoy. The genuine one. ^_^. Weehee

Hopefully, more trips to come. No more KJ’s. And hopefully next time we get to drink and be merry. wahaha.

The Tagaytay Experience (Part 3. Much Trespassing)

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After the heart-breaking revelations, and after being thrown out at the Starbucks (haha, we only left till Manong guard told us they can’t extend any longer and really-really need to close), we decided not to go home just yet and watch for the sunrise. But to tell you, it is much a task to wait for it, to find a spot where to watch it and to endure not sleeping till the adventure is all over. After being closed-down by Starbucks (and all the other establishments there) we were of nowhere to go. We hanged out for about 30 minutes across the street, under the covered area of a closed restaurant, away from the showering mist. Then we all decided to journey to the Picnic grove, even with the knowledge that they don’t open till it’s 7 am, and what? it’s just only 4 am.

And the adventure began.

From the point were we hanged out, we journeyed about a kilometer, yes by foot to the “rotonda” were some means of transportation lurk. Imagine 4 am, a walking gang, travelling by foot. But then we actually didn’t feel tired from the walk. It might have been because we never actually realized the extent of what we walked because were busy of the thought of getting there and just chatting around with one another.

Reaching the “rotonda”, we traveled by tricycle to the picnic grove, only to find no luck and the “manong guard” were not kind enough to let us in. Having no lighted establishments around, we thought of staying on a newly built house, which has a bit of cover enough to shade us from the mild rainy shower, is lighted, with seemingly nobody inside, and decided to hang out there till the sun starts to set. In short e tumambay kami sa isang bagong gawang bahay na may ilaw sa labas, pero di pa tapos yung bahay, may ilang parts pa na ginagawa pero may pwedeng upuan na me bubong para masilungan naming 8. This is quite considered trespassing (1)
I was a bit disappointed voting to stay there instead of going back to Manila early on, and probably might find an open establishment na pwedeng tambayan that early in the morning. By 5 am, my friend and I decided to find a spot to wait for the sunrise, and my Sir Crush and another staff decided to join us. Not far away from the house, we noticed a hotel that might have had a nice view inside. And the girl staff with us saw someone wearing red walking inside the place. So we all decided to go in too. I consider it trespassing (2). We went in the hotel, and found the reception area lighted but empty, but still decided to proceed. The placed looked deserted to us, if not for the lighted reception we would consider the place empty and pretty haunted. Then, we reached the back area were the fence borders the grassy area, and surprise! overlooking Taal. Weehee.

Then I saw my Sir Crush alighting the stairs at the back of the reception area were he found somebody sleeping in the bed there (i think this is trespassing (3)). Even with the thought of getting caught, we still stayed there behind the fence waiting for the sunrise. We thought that if we were to be caught, our alibi would be that we were searching for somebody there to receive us and “kunyari” we are to inquire the hotel rates. We stayed there for 30 minutes, without anybody waking up on us, gazed with amazement seeing how the sky changed from indigo to yellow orange to light blue as the sun was starting to shine. However, we were not able to see the sight of a circle sun just the transition of sky color from night to dawn. And amazingly we saw Taal from silhouette to shadow to solid view with the Taal Lake surrounding it. Trespassing was well worth it, and we weren’t caught. Hehe.

After that we decided to go back to the others and asked them if they want to go home, as it is still an hour to go before Picnic Grove opens, and it was starting to really rain. When we reached the house, the sky was already light and suddenly we noticed the house’s light going off, and someone from the inside asking us if we were waiting for anybody. We said no and the guy (probably the caretaker) was nice enough to let us in and use the bathroom. And I asked him myself. Wahaha. (the last Trespassing (4))…

Finally, were off to the next bus home…