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Just finished Season 1 and 2 of Grey’s Anatomy and I must say this word must have been stated more than 10 times every episode.


I was busy for the past first 3 days of the week completing the medical exam and finally getting a medical certificate stating “Fit for work”, making the deadline for PGH application. Woah. It was one hell of an experience. I was never scared of undergoing any medical exam, until now. I’ve done it annually on my whole college life, I’ve always been very fit. And I tend to refuse to undergo further examinations such as breast, rectal, genital, etc… I don’t want to complicate things. I know I’m perfectly healthy. Well physically I prefer to be called “on the healthy side” or “chubby”, rather than be referred to as fat or obese. Anyways, this time it comes with the package, no room to refuse. The breast exam. The doctor, who is a girl, said to me to make it a habit. So here goes.

It was my first time. The feeling of having someone not you touch your own breast. But it was done in a professional manner. I wasn’t that nervous as I was listening at her questions while she was doing the exam. Then, a mass was found on the lateral upper quadrant of my left breast. Seriously? It wasn’t painful though. And I don’t have any tender points. I was given a request form for a breast ultrasound. After that day, I just felt I’m doomed. I have no money for a breast ultrasound and wasn’t exactly sure if I am going to tell my parents. Then I set my thoughts straight. I won’t have a breast US, I won’t tell my parents. I will wait till I have my own work to raise my own money to afford one. Then if the same results were seen, I’m going to go seek help for it. It was all planned. The night I thought I was doomed. Seriously.

Then the next day I came back for re-evaluation, on another doctor. This one’s quick. She did it with me standing. Then she stated, okay its clear. She didn’t find any like the other doctor did. Seriously? Then she took my BP, it was way high. She asked if I was tired. I said no. She said the BP was high. Well what did she expect? That very moment I thought I was doomed. Seriously. And my breast were cleared.

But then here goes the lungs. Suspicious densities were found on the apex of my right lung. Seriously. And what are those densities? I don’t know either. I was given another form to undergo another X-ray. Again. Syempre another bayad. This time on the apico-lordotic view. Yeah, nakaliyad ako. The day after it was clear again, normal results. Seriously?!! And this will probably my third X-ray for the month. People say there’s a limit to X-rays, like once every 6 months? Once in 2 weeks? Now I’m really doomed.

The next day, just when I thought I can get the results na… here goes the urinalysis. Pus cells were high, WBC clumps were seen, protein was present, in my urine. I have to repeat the urine test. I didn’t know what that lab result meant. I’m a PT afterall. And again another bayad. Hay. I was told to drink at least a liter of water before filling the tube. In total frustration, I drank a buko juice and finished 1.5 liters of mineral water in 30 minutes. Results showed high pus cells still… But finally I was given the “fit to work” signal, with the reminder of taking in the doctor’s presciption of meds for UTI. Great I have UTI. Seriously?! 

Clinical gimmick for me to spend all that money? I wouldn’t know, cause I’ll never go back to that place again. All I know now is I am to take very good care of my health from now on. Seriously. And yeah, I made it through the deadline. Seriously.


It Rained Today

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Let me tell you what happened today.

Today it rained.

Yeah it poured so hard, my gray slacks were dripping wet till the distal end of my thigh. My bag was wet. My girly-girl shoes was wet. To think I was all properly dressed up. Dressed up for an interview. I was supposed to go to NKTI, 3pm, today, for my interview. For a volunteer job for a month. But the rain stopped me. Somehow it did.

Everything happens for a reason.

I was all ready, went out of the gate, no sign of rain. Then I came crossing across the street, waited for a ride, then it started. Things happened so fast, suddenly the rain poured so hard, the wind too blew hard, I can’t seem to find a jeep to ride on, my umbrella almost turned upside out, I was wet and muddy all over and the vehicles passing by is just no help either, just giving me more extra water. I waited till the rain slightly calmed down and next thing I know, I was crossing the street, heading back home.

I was supposed to meet my friend at NKTI. Her interview schedule was an hour ahead of mine. 2pm. But then at 2pm she texted me saying she’ll be starting this Tuesday. All I have to do is show up there and after 5 minutes they will tell me I can start on the earliest possible work day. It’s that easy. But then again, NKTI was my 3rd choice.

I was hesitant to go because today’s interview will affect my 1st and 2nd choices. It’s all about setting my priorities and I do hope I’m right. I didn’t show up for an interview on the one sure thing that came to me, risked it all for a chance to arrange and process my papers for my first choice- PGH. Where I get to compete with what? the top students of the other schools? the more experienced higher batches? with my more skillful friends? I hope its worth a try. Hopefully worth the wait, the risk and the effort.

Plus there was this 2nd choice. PHC. Where my mom somehow managed to have me scheduled an interview, despite their rehabilitation department stating they’ll be opening for volunteers January next year na. Wonders of connections. P200 allowance is not bad for a volunteer job. Allowance? yeah, according to sources.

My househelper/friend even commented, “Baka naman makukuha ka dun sa isa sa dalawa (PGH or PHC) kaya di ka pinatuloy ngayon”, referring to the rain, which by the way managed to stop as soon as I was sitting in our living room sofa.

I love rainy days. I just hope it favors me too. Signs. Cross your fingers for me. Wish me luck!

Silly Flirt

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Yesterday, I reminisced again. Si cathycardia kasi… The flirting topic was brought up. Of my previous moments, cathycardia came to conclude that maybe I’m being to cold, not being much of a master in the flirting game. Maybe I am living up to the character of the cold and distant Aquarius, even when it comes to heart matters. I took some Tickle test were I found out I am some “Silly flirt”.

So, did you hear the one about the funny flirt? You probably have, because it’s you! Being a Silly Flirt, you know that laughter is often the quickest way to someone’s heart. Your conversations with “potentials” are always peppered with the latest jokes and catchphrases, and you’ll do anything – including humiliating yourself – to get the object of your affection to crack a smile. Just make sure that your quest for yuks doesn’t blind you to other flirting approaches. You don’t want to be stuck in “pal” purgatory. Sometimes a soft brush on the arm or a lingering look wins more points than even the funniest story. We’re not saying you need to jump in someone’s lap tomorrow (unless you think it might get you a big guffaw…), but a little directness could take you a long way. Still, until you’re ready to expand your act, it’s great to keep ’em laughing.

So maybe I am being to much in the pal category that people/guys tend to see my subtle moves as completely and purely friendship. Kaya siguro ako NBSB. Hay parang ang hirap naman kasing mag-flirt. I am the type who doesn’t want to be obvious with my feelings thinking that people may judge me if I do something weird and crazy for sometime. Such as in flirting. And also there is not much opportunity for me to explore my flirting boundaries due to lack of subjects/male species in the vicinity of our university then to practice the skills to.

Of Opportunities and Chances

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◊ Career ◊

First things first: some good news. I got some invite via text message from my favorite hospital rotation during internship if I would be interested in applying for the staff job. Waaah!

Just yesterday, we went around that hospital area were we happened to passed by our former clinical supervisor and now colleague and was wondering why we were there. We are actually there to apply for the alumni ID on the 8th floor, but I jokingly said “Were here to apply at your department sir!”, knowing there isn’t really an opening. Then he somehow shared some “secret” for now info, that actually they are opening up the department for applicants. But there’s a catch, it’s invitational. He then ask if we were in the top 10. My friend whose with me is a topnotcher. At that point, I was disappointed. I thought I could finally get a working experience on one, if not the premiere hospitals in the country, but then knowing they are to invite top notchers, I immediately snapped out of it. Again here comes inferiority complex, regrets and “not-good-enough” feelings and “if only’s”. I even joked on my friend, knowing she’s not interested in the oppotunity, if I can borrow her title just for this job. What’s with all the fuzz? It is the honor it brings to be a part of this hospital. A great background work experience, where country’s bests take part, and I think the highest salary in our profession in the country is received by staffs here. But then I can’t be, just because I’m not good enough to be a top notcher.

Then by some twist of fate, today I received the message. They want to hear from me. Great! Superb! Knowing yesterday that it is by invitation makes it even better.

Coming from the testimonial ceremonies today, our group made way to some relaxing and went to videoke. We happened to pass by some former staffs and formally announced the opening. Now its not invitational anymore? Hehe.

It’s just that “by invitation” makes me feel more special, some confidence booster that I may be worth something and some great people in the profession happen to appreciate it. But invitational or not, I’ll be trying out for it. It, after all, is, my dream experience. Actually now, whether I make it as a staff or not, just the feel of being able to be affiliated with the hospital is honor enough. But I do hope I make it. Hehe. So much for thinking why I’m being of a bum nowadays than immediately plunging into work. Maybe this is just what I am waiting for. And God has brought it to me. Amazing opportunity. God knows best! Weeeeeeh.


♥ Love ♥

Yesterday, I was so excited to finally see everybody again in the testimonial ceremonies. Then he texted. He texted just when me and cathycardia were talking about my moments with him. Maybe I should talk about him more often with other people so he always text and remember me. Anyway, time to text back, some flirting opportunity, and my lack of the skill again surfaces and I blew the chance. He said he isn’t gonna make for today’s testimonials. Instead of cathycardia’s coach to reply “I was really hoping that you’re gonna be there” kind of thing, I opted to reply a more general and safe remark, “I thought tomorrow was going to be a reunion for all of us. But then you’re not going and so as many other people.” Wahh. Blowing the chance again. I was this close to telling him I missed him dearly from the bottom of my heart, when he texted that he was looking forward for a movie marathon and ice cream (as friends of course, silly you!) I chose to text, “I missed our escapades and get-aways, I wish we could do that again sometime”. Hay, when will I learn?

Again, just when I thought I am now a cold blooded person, with no spark of feelings for anybody, some fire started burning again. Some.

And I was planning not to attend the testimonial event for the board passers because he isn’t going to be there, but I did anyway. For my alma mater who is very proud of me.

After the ceremonies, our former professor, now colleague, gave our ‘curly’ friend (who is a known follower and has some degree of affection for him) his trophy to keep it for him because he didn’t made it today. Okay here comes opportunity by my side today again, when our ‘curly’ friend decided to give his trophy to me… Okay… For safekeeping because 1) it won’t fit her bag and I have a humongous bag and 2) because daw he is more likely to see me than her (on the friendly note ha, kasi nga were berks, me and him). So now, yes the trophy is on the top of my cabinet. For everyone to see. So much view for someone who is trying to get-over her affections for him but is in everyday torture of being reminded of him everytime she goes inside her room. Wahhh. Ano ba ito? Opportunity nga ba? Ang kulit namang opportunity nyan.

Make sense of this things for me please. Haha.


I’ll Talk, You Listen

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Surprisingly, my sister came home today, all the way from Baguio, and brought the laptop with her… So eto na naman ako…

Addicted to blogging? For the days of this week, I’ve been scribbling some notes on my little Pooh notebook, topics to blog about. Scribble so as not to forget. So here goes…

–> Wednesday.

  • Venue: Jolibee, Times Square Plaza, U.N. Avenue, Emita, Manila. Why do people always make me wait? Literally and figuratively.

Literally: I was waiting for like a whole hour for a friend to meet me. She’s always late, and I’m not mad because that’s her. Is just that I am always the early bird, always on-time. Sometimes I try to be late for a change (in not so important occasions of course), but I always end up being still the first one to arrive at the meeting place, even if I’m already 5-10 minutes late from the call time. Nyar.

Figuratively: Love always makes me wait. And most of the time, I end up waiting for nothing. Unreciprocated love. It sucks.

  • Still in Jabi: Still waiting for my friend. It’s a good thing I got some free ice cream twirl from the counter because I answered a survey handed to be by some staff. It keep my head cool. Hehe. Nakakatuwa lang, how I have some ‘thing’ when it comes to surveys. I got lucky last time I went to SM Baguio Starbucks and on my receipt, I was a chosen one, entitled to a free tall drink when I get to answer some survey. Hehe.
  • Still here, waiting: Share a table, win a friend. Some lady asked if she could share the big table with me. Of course I said yes. She ate her breakfast quietly while I scribble this event on my handy dandy notebook. Buti na lang she didn’t mind sharing a table with a chubby girl with a medium-sized pimple mark on her nose. Hehe. Ok I did not befriend her in any way, but I was nice, I smile. I just remembered some saying “share a seat, win a friend”, but in this case a table. Who knows? What if next time it could be some cute guy? For sure I will befriend that one. Haha!
  • Still sitting, alone. I am still waiting and was texting my friend if she was in an FX with a radio, if she might have heard what Erap’s verdict might have been. It was the central issue of the day. It was guilty in plunder, acquitted in perjury. I was expecting a big rally of supporters everywhere. There were not so may. And the day ended peacefully. I remembered asking my dad, being a law graduate, of what he thought the verdict might be. He told me he was more lenient to acquittal due to lack of substantial evidence. At least he got perjury case right. Hah. Lawyers. Law matters. I’d rather be in the clinic… Hehe.
  • Wow, at last she’s here na! An hour and 11 minutes of waiting to be exact.
  • On the bus, to Medical City. Gone in 60 seconds vs. our Medical City jinx: Gone in 60 seconds was the video playing on the bus. Nicolas Cage has some jinx with a car brand that whenever he approaches this brand to carnap it, he was always caught by the police. Whenever we go out hospital hopping, we always put the Medical City on the last spot of the route. And we always end up not going to it due to time constraints. This time we managed to have some hour to spare to finally go there. But due to wrong decisions, taking the bus instead of MRT, we arrived 30 minutes after the closing hours of the rehabilitation department, leaving us with great disappointment of waste of time, energy and resources.
  • I got to try Takuyaki Balls when we went to Rob Galleria as last stop of the day. It’s a healthy delicious Japanese balls made from veggies. I’m craving for Taco bell and Soy milk however. No more budget. Huhu.

–> Thursday.

  • Finally! Soymilk. Nakaka-uta rin pala. Bakit ganun? Mas masarap pag libre? Mas masarap pag nanghihingi ka lang at hindi sa iyo yung pagkain at nakikitikim ka lang. Diba? Haha.
  • A taste of real life: Welcome to me…

> Job hunting
> Hospital hopping
> Long line for NBI clearance. But we got shortcut due to some “connections”. It’s good to have parents in the government service. hehe
> Pre-work pressure. waaah.
> The calling of call center
> Paid non-PT jobs vs. No pay PT volunteer for experience jobs
> State boards as long term goal
> California vs. New York
> HeHe!

Pumili Raw

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1.) Elementary, High school or College life?
=> Para sa kin, ayokong mamili, depende kasi yan sa gusto kong pagkatao:

Elementary kung gusto kong makilala ng tao bilang ultimate achiever, strict president, crybaby, dominant, active.

High school kung gusto kong maalala bilang surprise achiever, singer, geeky/teacher’s pet side, artist, active-passive.

College kung gusto kong maalala ang independent lady, tantrums baby, baby ng lahat, adventures, submissive, professional, passive.

2.) Mcdo, Jollibee, KFC?
=> Mcdo for fries. Jolibee for dessert. KFC for chicken.

3.) Globe, Smart or Sun?
=> Sa Globe, posible

4.) SM, Robinson’s orAyala malls?
=> Sosyal na Ayala mall syempre

5.) Coffee, milk or juice in the morning?
=> Coffee, coffee and more coffee

6.) Frosty, Mcflurry, Swirly bitz..?
=> Sundae. Hehe

7.) Friendster, MySpace, Multiply?
=> Friendster for publicity and friends, Multiply for a bit more blog expression and lots of photos.

8.) Pants, shorts, skirts?
=> Skirts? hehe

9.) On a Saturday: go to malls, stay at home, go to the spa, do some sports?
=> Go to the spa… Something I don’t usually do. For a change. Mahal na change. hehe

10.) Alternative, rnb, hiphop, rock, goth, death metal or house music?
=> Pop? Ballad? Alternative

11.) Local brands: Bench, Penshoppe, Human?
=> Bench for clothes, Penshoppe for kikay stuffs.

12.) Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, American food?
=> Filipino native delicacies, Japanese california maki, Chinese food in general.

13.) Emperador, Red horse, San mig?
=> Red Horse?

14.) Libis, The fort or baywalk?
=> Libis for nightlife, The fort for social life, Baywalk sunrise and sunset view

15.) Night or day?
=> Night

16.) Math, english, science?
=> Science

17.) Introvert or extrovert?
=> Introvert ako, extrovert for a partner.

18.) for opposite sex: Asian, American, Latino?
=> All of the above

19.) Spring, summer, winter, fall?
=> Winter

20.) kapamilya or kapuso?
=> ka-dos ako ngayon e

21.) shopping spree or eat all you can?
=> diet ako so shopping spree

22.) cats or dogs?
=> dogz

21.) to say ‘i love you’ or ‘mahal kita’?
=> sa Pilipinas, parang mas sincere sa kin kung sabihan akong… “Mahal kita”…

22.) nokia, sony ericsson, samsung or motorola?
=> Lahat!

23.) white skin, beige, or tanned?
=> white

24.) credit card or cash?
=> cash

25.) red ribbon or goldilocks?
=> red ribbon!

26.) friends or lovers?
=> Friends for keeps. Lovers wanted. Haha

27.) Mtv or Myx?
=> I don’t watch MTV nowadays, Myx na lang.

28.) Touring: european tour, asian tour, american tour?
=> European- most expensive ata! Pero dahil sadyang gala ako.. Lahat!

29.) Angel locsin or Katrina halili?
=> Angel. panganiban haha

30.) plain or printed?
=> Plain and simple.

31.) Black or White?
=> Black

32.) Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, seattle’s best?
=> Starbucks

33.) Movie or dinner date?
=> Both.

34.) Fx or Jeep?
=> Fx summer hot days, Jeep sa province

35.) sing or dance?
=> Sing. and Dance

36.) Church or Garden wedding?
=> Garden then Church

37.) Giver or taker?
=> More of a Giver.

36.) To have siblings or be the only child.
=> Siblings!

37.) to be: actress, singer, politician, businessman, doctor, lawyer?
=> Doctor-singer/actress turned business woman and politician.. wahaaha

38.) the sun or the moon?
=> Romantic sense: moon. Life: Sun

39.) selecta or nestle?
=> Nyar. Selecta?

Yun na yun? Bitin!

Croco Treat

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Croco something restaurant…

@ Trinoma

Good food… Syempre libre… Yumyum

Two friends treated us out yesterday. Joint celebration, two birthdays. Bago magkita-kita, na-anticipate ko na na ako lang mag-isa ang susulpot sa aming block. Hehe. Pero sumipot pa rin ako, afterall, libre yun. Bukod dun, nagbake ako ng brownies, sayang naman kung di ko mabigay di ba?

Nung umpisa, hala, parang gusto ko nang umuwi. Baka ma-OP ako ng todo… Sunud-sunod silang nagdadatingan… Ayan na. Nagbabatian. Pawang na-miss talaga nila ang isa’t-isa. Ayun nagka-catch up. Wala akong maka-usap… Nakakalungkot… Bakit pa kasi ako tumuloy… Ngunit, subalit, datapwat sa katagalan, nasanay na rin ako… Pano ba naman pa ko e-exit di ba? Panindigan mo na. Go, go, go.

Ayun, ako na rin ang nagsilbing representative ng sarili kong block… Sa katagalan kinausap ko ang mga piling taong close ko at dinalangin ko na lang na huwag akong tingnan at pag-isipan ng mga iba sa naroon na “Bakit ka ba nandito? Hindi ka belong..” Buti naman hindi ko naramdaman yun… Actually, di naman talaga maiiiwasan yun. Sabihin na lang natin na kung isa kang PT at napasama ka sa grupo ng mga nagkwekwentuhang abugado.. Hehe. Well, exag naman yun. Afterall, pare-pareho naman kaming PT. Syempre kasi kinalakihan nila ang isa’t-isa… Naisip ko na lang na bawat isa naman sa mga taong naroroon ay may “moment” naman sa akin kahit papano… At napanindigan ko naman ata ang pananatili ko dun.. Di ko na lang pinakita ang ilang factor…Naisip ko rin naman na siguro kung sa kanila ako napasama, ganito pa rin ako.

I mean, meron na kasing nakagisnang reference per block. Na ang 20 e maingay, 21 tahimik. 20 sabog, 21 demure. Yun nga, dahil siguro nakasanayan ko lang ang ingay, kulit at gulo, ayun nagkaron ako ng kaunting ingay sa katawan. Nung highschool naman pa-demure akong bata. Nahihiya nga akong tumawa ng malakas. Noon. Pero ngayong nakasama ko sila, ang 21, naisip ko nalang na napaka-flexible ko talaga. Proud naman ako dun. Haha. At nakilala ko rin ng kaunti ang bawat isa sa kanila. Mga taong noon ay hindi ko alam kung pano ko pakikisamahan ng casual na hindi na-totouch ang block issue. Nakilala ko kung pano sila magsama-samang magkakaibigan, bilang isang grupong na-miss ang isa’t-isa. Di ko naman pinagsisihan ang araw ko. Natuwa na lang ako na “warm and accomodating” sila given na kahit piliting hindi isipin ay meron at meron pa ring mag-iisip ng… “Anong ginagawa mo rito?” Hehe. Meron pa ngang isa, “Sino nga siya?”. Wahaha.

Anairam, PTRP po. ^_^